Rex Altree, Gilbert Business Owner and Philanthropist, To Do Fundraiser for Local School

Rex Altree at his officeRex Altree, has announced that he and his company, SafePro Auto Glass, will be doing a fundraiser for his children’s school, Quartz Hill Elementary, of Gilbert Arizona. Mr. Altree has volunteered to donate and run this fundraiser over the next five months (January 1st through May 31st).

This fundraiser will be for Gilbert residents who have their windshields replaced, either paying out of pocket or using their Insurance, through SafePro Auto Glass. Rex Altree and his family owned company will donate a minimum of $50 dollars for every insurance windshield replacement purchased through SafePro, and $20 if customers pay out of pocket. All the money will go to Quartz Hill Elementary School. This money will be donated for teachers K- 6 for purchasing Classroom supplies or things that the school may need.  This means that a minimum of $50 for every windshield replaced with insurance, and $20 for cash replacements, would go straight to the school’s teachers for classroom supplies that teachers might have to pay for out of pocket otherwise.

When asked why Mr. Altree decided to do this fundraiser, he replied: “Our two children went to Quartz Hill from kindergarten through the 6th grade and both had a very positive learning and educational experience. For my kids to have received such a quality education, in the great Quartz Hill School environment, was and is incredibly important, and will shape who they are for a lifetime.” Mr. Altree also stated: “The Principal, Mr. (Michael) Hallock, is the best! He has built a very strong team of educators at Quartz Hill that did more than just educate my kids, they provided a place of safety and gave them an environment where learning was fun and enjoyable. They also provided mental and emotional support. To young children, these are all critical factors to successful learning and growing up.”

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Mr. Rex Altree, was then asked for more details as to motive behind the fundraiser, to which he replied: “I know that a lot of times teachers have to pay for many materials themselves. I hope we can help these teachers by doing a fund raiser. The way we have it set up provides three key components. First it encourages my local community to get involved in raising money for the school. Second, it will help to alleviate some of the financial concerns that many of the teachers go through. Finally, it will bring some positive publicity to the school and the District. It will help show our local community what an excellent job they have done in fostering the education of our children, and shine a spotlight on these truly inspirational educators! We are proud, and truly grateful, that we can play our part as both a family and a local business, in supporting the teachers and our school.”

Gilbert community members who are interested in having their windshield replaced, and having Rex Altree and his Auto Glass team donate funds to the Quartz Hill Elementary School Teacher Supply Fund, can call: 480-785-2182 

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What You Should Know about Insurance on Auto Glass When it Comes to Windshield Replacement


What You Should Know about Insurance on Auto Glass When it Comes to Windshield Replacement

Windshield damage and consequent replacement is something every driver has to deal with at some point. Filing an insurance claim is not the first option that comes to mind due to the fear of higher premiums. You may consider a no-fault claim or having your deductibles waived when you need to have your windshield replace, but need to have comprehensive insurance coverage to access such benefits.

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

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The answer is no, if you have a limited liability coverage. This type of coverage normally sees the insured paying out of pocket for glass replacement. The comprehensive insurance policy however, does cover glass replacement. You should decide to file a claim if the cost of the replacement is more than the deductible.

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Will A Claim for Windshield Replacement Raise My Rates?

Surprisingly, the answer to that question is, no. A chipped windshield is not normally caused by driver error and therefore falls under the no-fault claim. There may be occasions when is it caused by driver error and the details of the incident, the type of policy and insurance company are factors that will affect whether the replacement of the windshield is covered.


What About The Zero-Deductible States?

The US has four Zero-Deductible states, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina and Massachusetts. In these states the deductible is automatically waived for any auto windshield replacement. Two states, Florida and Massachusetts take it a bit further by having all glass replacement covered as Zero-Deductible, not just windshield. You still need to have comprehensive however but your premiums are not any higher than other states.


So How Do You File A Claim For Windshield Replacement?

Reputable glass companies are very familiar with the process of dealing the insurance companies on behalf of their clients. Once provided with information such as the insurance carrier and the client’s policy number, they are able to handle all the other matters involved. This kind of relationship has made the filing of an insurance claim very easy. If however there is an issue with the cost of the replacement, whether affecting deductibles or if the client is paying out of pocket, it would be best to shop around.

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Auto windshield replacement is one cost that is inevitable and your insurance will only pay for it if you have comprehensive insurance. This is further qualified because the cost of the deductible may be less than the cost of the repairs. The cost of your insurance rarely increases because of auto windshield claim since these are normally considered to be no-fault claims and if you are in any of the four Zero Deductible states, there is no need to pay the deductible. Finally, filing a claim is easy when you go through a reputable glass company.

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